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Best in class hustle for
best in class Founders

Domain experts for specialized industries that require specialized skillsets

Pyxis Search is a recruiting firm focused on building elite teams for high growth transformative emerging technology businesses that are shifting the paradigm

Consider us an extension of your talent team.

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To date, we have generated successful placements with many of our industry's leading startups backed by Venture Funds like a16zSequoiaDragonflyHaun VenturesCoinbase VenturesJump CryptoVariantKleiner Perkins1kx, and Animoca Brands

Representative Clients

what clients say about us

"Pyxis Search Partners have been an instrumental resource for our venture incubator here at Tribe Capital. Their ability to source mid-level and senior leadership across niche industries (like crypto) is hard to find and quite valuable."

Boris Revsin Managing Partner, Tribe Capital

"Stephen is a hustler with a great nose for talent, and helped us fill a critical role. I highly recommend working with him."

Travis Scher Managing Partner, North Island Ventures

"Pyxis has been an amazing partner when it comes to recruiting in the crypto space. Within weeks of starting with Pyxis, we received many extremely high-quality leads, one of which resulted in our Head of Business Development. Pyxis knows their stuff when it comes to recruiting high-quality crypto-native talent."

Matt Katz Co- Founder, Caldera

"Pyxis has been a critical recruiting partner for both ParaFi and our underlying portfolio companies. Stephen has been a trusted advisor on talent decisions, demonstrating the ability to source and vet candidates across a variety of roles."

Ben Forman Managing Partner, ParaFi Capital

Why the Name Pyxis?

PYXIS / (ˈPɪKSɪS) /

Pyxis is a constellation in the southern sky. Abbreviated from Pyxis Nautica, its name is Latin for a mariner’s compass. A compass is a device used for navigation and geographic orientation.

Pyxis Search will serve as a compass for its clients to help them navigate + win the war for talent 

“I founded Pyxis Search in 2022 with a vision to establish our company as the “go to” recruiting agency within the high growth emerging technology community.”

Stephen Moskowitz
Founder & CEO

“For us, this means more than just recruiting top talent. Given my background in fund management, investments, and capital introductions, I want to provide both entrepreneurs and investment funds access to human capital, financial capital and other key introductions to facilitate the growth of the ecosystems we serve.”

Who we are

Pyxis partners with startups, scale ups and VCs to hire the very best talent for even the most niche and challenging positions.

At Pyxis, we have a world-class team of technology focused headhunters who provide a bespoke and differentiated service for every client. We offer a white glove approach and build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our clients who are pushing the boundaries in bleeding edge tech verticals.

Pyxis Team



Stephen Moskowitz is the CEO and Founder of Pyxis Search Partners. Prior to founding Pyxis Search, Mr. Moskowitz was the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Pyxis Capital Management, a cryptoasset venture hybrid fund backed by prominent investors, including ParaFi Capital. Prior to co-founding Pyxis Capital, Mr. Moskowitz was a Managing Director at a $100 million AUM+ single family office that was an early investor in the crypto space. Mr. Moskowitz has also served as an Advisor for ParaFi Capital and is currently an Advisor to Blockchain Founders Fund. Mr. Moskowitz received a BA and JD from Emory University (Boisfeuillet Jones Scholar), and an MBA in finance from The New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business.



Benjamin joined Pyxis Search Partners as their first Technical Recruiter. He started his recruiting career in Web3 and has successfully scaled Engineering & Product teams at a multitude of companies offering services such as custody & digital banking, security infrastructure, NFT infrastructure, smart contract auditing/tooling, trading platforms & marketplaces, and product incubation. Outside of recruiting, he has built a handful of full stack & frontend web apps/personal projects, including a serverless e-commerce store and a concert-finder tool utilizing multiple APIs. Prior to recruiting, Benjamin served in the United States Marine Corps as a Field Radio Operator.   

Role Specialization

Pyxis will help startups source talent across:




Finance & Marketing

GTM teams



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What problem Pyxis solves

Sourcing and hiring talent are one of the biggest challenges for existing emerging technology companies today.

There is a need for a recruiting firm that understands the needs of the leading entrepreneurs and investors in the space. Talent is now found on Github, Discord, Twitter and hackathons, which only insiders with deep industry connections can access.

There is a supply/demand imbalance of talent, creating a shortage of specialized labor force necessary to scale organizations to the next level.

Pyxis has access to this talent pool and will place the best candidates for our clients.
Our mission is to bridge the talent gap by helping our client to identify, attract and build teams that will help them scale and achieve a return for their founders, employees and investors.

Core Values


We believe reputation is everything in the industries we serve, and that trust is built slowly, easily lost and not to be taken for granted.

Leave it all on the field mentality

We work tirelessly to achieve stellar results for our clients. We want to back the very best entrepreneurs and hold ourselves to the same high standards with a winning mentality.

There is no “I” in “Team”

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." (Michael Jordan) Pyxis is a team centric organization that works as a cohesive unit to produce outstanding results for its clients.

Change the Paradigm

Pyxis serves clients changing the paradigm and moving the ball forward across a multitude of industries. To serve these game changing companies well, we will strive to think outside the box and be trend setters in a highly competitive space.


At Pyxis Search, transparency and disclosure are fundamental to our business. We strive to ensure that our clients, investors and employees can rely on us to operate in a responsible and ethical manner.

Client Criteria


We partner with early-stage tech companies of all sizes, from seed-stage, stealth-mode startups to growth stage companies to help build teams that will allow our clients to scale.


Pyxis builds teams for high growth emerging technology businesses. There’s not a corner of the economy or any industry that will not be transformed by technology over the next ten years and we are providing a valuable service to transformational companies that are “eating the world”.


While Pyxis can perform searches globally, we currently focus on mandates in North America and Europe.

Pyxis Service offering

Pyxis Search is highly flexible on the style of engagement. We can work on a contingent basis or fully retained basis for executive roles.


A flexible solution for hiring individual contributors. Pyxis takes a highly consultative approach that leverages an expansive network of active and passive talent, mapping, and deep relationships to quickly hire great candidates.

Executive Search

A tailored plan to execute a client’s critical leadership searches at the Manager, Director, VP, and C-level accomplished by leveraging Pyxis’s deep research capabilities, extensive candidate network, and strong relationships with executives and investors.

Our Search Process


Client + Role
Deep Dive

We spend significant time with each client to understand your business, structure, funding, vision, and culture. Once we understand your needs, we will drill down into the specifics of each role, so we know exactly what candidate profile you are looking for. As an example, Pyxis understands the nuances between the multitude of engineering specialties and make sure we only present candidates that are a great fit.


Search Plan + Develop
Candidate Funnel

Once we have a meeting of the minds on your requirements, we design and implement a comprehensive search plan. This typically includes targeted engagement with our extensive AI driven database combined with outreach to our broad well cultivated network and community of founders, venture funds and industry specific centers of influence we have built since 2017. We then spend significant time with each candidate to make sure they have the hard and soft skills necessary for your requirements.


Close, onboard, and providing ongoing

After thorough candidate due diligence, we will present candidates to you. Pyxis will guide the process until an offer is made and accepted. We will provide support from every step and make sure the candidate is onboarded successfully.

Join Our Team

Pyxis Search is always on the lookout for talented, tenacious, hardworking search professionals that specialize in placing talent for venture backed startups and are looking for a new and exciting challenge.

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